What’s Important To You? (#WITY) is a Be Social Change photo movement aimed at collecting and sharing what’s important to people in making the world a better place. By exploring and raising awareness about the values we hold in creating social change, we can begin inspiring each other to take action and make a difference. You can share What’s Important To You with the Be Social Change community two easy ways:

Take a photo of yourself displaying words that illustrate What’s Important To You in making the world a better place. Be as simple or creative as you’d like. If you already have a great photo that illustrates What’s Important To You but does not include words, please provide a title and short description along with the photo (examples below). If you would like to edit or use filters of your photos you can use this web app. Next, copy and paste the below information into an email, fill it out, and send it along with your attached photo to

1. Name -
2. Twitter handle (optional) -
3. Location (optional) -
4. Title and Short Description of Photo (optional) -                                        

We will then @reply you on Twitter or send you an email when your photo is posted on the Be Social Change Blog.

1. Download Instagram on your phone for free
2. Take a photo and use a filter - be as creative as you want to be
3. Add a caption 
4. Add hastag #WITY
5. Add a Geotag
6. Publish!


Why it’s important to me: This photo represents the truest, most raw pieces of life: Friendship. It was taken in London, and while not everyone knew each other in this photo before it was taken, the friendships and love that have grown since it was snapped are inspired and precious. It is a reminder that in our lives of hustle, bustle, business-making and deep desires to leave legacies, that we exchange ideas, share vulnerabilities and enjoy the company of those we care about and love. 

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