Hi, my name is Marcos Salazar and I’m a leadership researcher for the Girl Scouts Research Institute within Girl Scouts of the USA. I’m also an author and speaker on the psychology of life after college, Gen Y, and Millennial topics with an emphasis on career and psychological development. I’m also a certified leadership coach, an entrepreneur (I own a few hyperlocal clothing stores focused on New York City andWashington, DC), and am about to release my first iPhone app based on another website of mine, FiveDailyGratitudes.com. I enjoy the many slashes in my career but I’m focusing my energies now on my leadership research and writing a new book on the topic (if you’re interested in learning more, email me at marcos@marcossalazar.com or follow me on twitter @marcossalazar)

Education & Work
I earned my B.A. in psychology from Amherst College and my Masters in Organizational Management and certification in Leadership Coaching from The George Washington University. I’m a former research officer for the American Psychological Association where I examined education and workforce trends within psychology and am currently a research analyst for the Girl Scouts where I study girl leadership and psychological development and am helping to implement the new Girl Scout Leadership Experience that will help usher in a new generation of girl leaders for the 21st century. I’m also a former personal trainer, spinning instructor, case manager at a community mental health clinic, substitute teacher, and sales consultant.

Books & Writing 
In my book The Turbulent Twenties Survival Guide: Figuring Out Who You Are, What You Want, and Where You’re Going After College, I provided the first comprehensive understanding of the psychological challenges that Generation Y and Millennial graduates are experiencing as they make the transition from college to today’s brave new working world. The focus of the book was not only to illuminate what graduates face after college today, but also to provide solutions on how young people can adapt and thrive in the 21st century. The Turbulent Twenties Survival Guide is also the first book to provide insight into the all-to-common problem of Post-College Depression. I’m also the author of Feeling Good for Life, a self-help book that shows readers how to use the power of exercise and nutrition to conquer anxiety and depression.

In other writings and in my blog, I take a psychological approach to illuminate the personal, social, and challenges facing college graduates and young professionals in the 21st century. I also focus on exploring how Generation Y and Millennials are changing the nature of work and organizations and creating a new economic and political reality. Lastly, I have also written on personal branding and help recent graduates establish an online presence that will help move their career forward in the direction they truly want.

Media & Speaking

As a noted expert on the psychology of life after college, workforce trends, and professional development, I have been featured in local and national media outlets including the New York Times, Washington Post, Forbes, MSNBC, The Examiner, Boston.com and Filla.ca. I often share my  expertise at universities and career conferences across the country and frequently speak about creating meaning and purpose after college, career strategies for thriving in today’s rapidly-changing working world, the development of psychological intelligence for professional success, networking 2.0, personal branding in the Internet Age, and managing Generation Y (book Marcos for a speaking engagement).

To contact me or book me for a speaking engagement, you can reach me at marcos@marcossalazar.com

Local Stuff 
I currently live in Fort Greene, Brooklyn and absolutely love my neighborhood and Brooklyn. I have lived many places since graduating college (Boston, D.C, Taos, NM [where I’m originally from], Barcelona, DC, and now New York City) and I have finally found my place. And where you find that sense of home after college, you want to do what you can to make you community a better place. So this is why I currently volunteer at Fort Greene Strategic Neighborhood Action Partnerhsip (SNAP)who’s mission is to provide to low and moderate income residents, in and near Fort Greene, access to gainful employment, further education, and quality health care by offering programs in technology, entrepreneurship and life skills. I ‘m also involve with the Brooklyn Food Coalition, a grass-roots organization working on changing the food system in Brooklyn neighborhood by neighborhood. I’m also a writer and editor at our hyperlocal neighborhood newspaper, The Hill Brooklyn

You can contact me at marcos@marcossalazar.com and follow me on Twitter.